Drive-Up Banking

IML specializes in drive-up/remote transaction equipment, installations and servicing.

Window & Deal Drawers

We offer a variety of teller windows and drawers, as a combination or standalone units. Deal drawers are utilized to allow customers to conduct transactions or receive services without leaving their vehicles.

Through these Windows customers can communicate with the bank teller and receive and submit documents. This feature is designed for convenience, allowing customers to handle transactions without having to enter the building.

Pneumatic Tube Transport Systems

A pneumatic tube system is a method of transportation that uses compressed air to propel cylindrical containers (capsules) through a network of tubes. These systems are commonly used for quickly transporting small, lightweight items, documents, or samples from one location to another within a building or across short distances.

Pneumatic tube systems are commonly used in various industries, including healthcare (for sending lab samples and medications within hospitals), banking (for transporting documents and cash in some cases), and retail (for managing cash transactions). They offer a quick and efficient way to transport small items over short distances.

Mechanical & Belt Driven Drive-In Systems

A mechanical belt-driven drive-up system typically refers to a setup where a mechanical belt mechanism is used to facilitate drive-up transactions or services at a particular location. This could apply to various contexts, such as drive-up windows at banks, pharmacies, or other service-oriented businesses. These systems are designed to enhance efficiency, security, and convenience in drive-up scenarios where direct interaction between customers and staff is limited.

Why Work With Us

Whether you are a global organization or local business, each and every IML Customer receives the same white glove service. We are available 24/7 to address your security needs. Working with us ensures you will have a direct line of contact to the right person who can help solve your problem quickly and easily.

Unified Security Solution

Partnering with a security solutions company and physical security integrator provides customers with a centralized solution for their security needs. This promotes efficient management and reduces operational complexity.

Tailored and Cost-Effective

Customers benefit from a security solution that is both cost-effective and precisely tailored to meet the specific and unique requirements of their business or facility. This ensures a strategic and efficient security implementation.

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